Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chapter 5 Footnotes

The AutoShark is Bodigger’s pride and joy: an autonomous robotic shark that can effortlessly prowl the deep ocean for up to a month.
The AutoShark was inspired by RoboTuna, developed at MIT. There’s a further article here at Smithsonian Magazine and at National Geographic. It makes a nice companion to the Asimo robot mentioned in the Chapter 5 footnotes.
Yamaguchi quickly covered her mouth with a tissue to conceal her cough when she entered the station. She didn’t want to be branded another Typhoid Mary
The story of Typhoid Mary is really quite fascinating and PBS’ Nova had a fascinating look at The Most Dangerous Woman in America. Mary Mallon was an Irish immigrant and a cook who transmitted typhoid through handling food. Although she showed no symptoms of the disease, she was quarantined for public health reason.
LoDo was Denver’s trendy lower downtown, although Munroe still didn’t think Denver had a big enough downtown to justify the term.
Both Munroe and I think Denver too small to have a lower downtown. And because the downtown streets are angled, it’s always difficult for me to know what LoDo is supposed to be lower than. Originally, the heart of LoDo was Larimer Square, but Coors Field has shifted it northward, or northeastward.
 “The one next to the Wazee Supper Club,” he told her.
I have eaten many a pizza at the Wazee Supper Club. In fact, I think it serves the best pizza in Denver and certainly is convenient to the Tattered Cover Downtown. The Wazee is at its best when busy and the loft seating area is used and you can watch the garage door opener that serves as a dumb waiter.
Met him at one of the Japanese-American society meetings. My mom hated him.
My mother, Aiko Petkus, always had some fight going with some member of Denver’s Japanese-American community, and I’ve saddled Linda’s mother with some of that same “feistiness.” Denver has a large Japanese-American society partly because many Japanese-Americans were confined to Camp Amache near Granada, Colorado during World War II. Governor Ralph L. Carr (1939-1943), urged Colorado citizens to reject race hatred and instead embrace the internees. My mother lived for a time at Sakura Square where you can see a memorial to Gov. Carr.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son. John 3:16.”
Yes, I know this from Broncos’ games. We now have a quarterback who wears this passage on his sleeve, or under his eyes.

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