Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Merely Dead

Merely Dead is the working title for the sequel to Good Cop, Dead Cop, which is currently being written. It’s set eight months after the events of the first book, just about the time that Hurricane Katrina is targeting New Orleans, in fact.

And a lot has changed since the first book. Both Alex Munroe and Linda Yamaguchi are in relationships and even though they’re partners, they’ve drifted apart. Alex is living on his own in Denver’s Hotel Barth and Linda is seeing a lot of her boyfriend, so they don’t spend as much of their off duty time together. And Alex is also busy organizing Disembodied Without Borders, and they’re both dealing with the fallout from the events of the previous New Years’ Eve, when they solved the kidnappings of the disembodied.

And Alex is no longer the only disembodied officer working for the Denver Police Department, which makes him both less alone and less special. Which also parallels the major themes of the sequel, as the disembodied are gaining more and more rights while the living are realizing more and more that they are the minority.

PS I can’t promise the title won’t change to something like Only Merely Dead or Completely Dead or Most Sincerely Dead.

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