Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chapter 3 Footnotes

The trees in the Aokigahara forest can cast dismal shadows even in summer, but in the winter, the funereal gloom looks especially inviting to those who brave the maze-like trails of this haunted forest.

The Aokigahara forest is, of course, a real place and has a sinister reputation. Reportedly compasses do not work there because of high iron content in the rock but I suspect most people get lost because no one can read a map anymore. I presume GPS devices work just fine.
Ken Takamura, a professor of behavioral science at the Medical College Research Institute of Tokyo and author of  “Aokigahara-jukai: Forest of Death in the shadow of Mt. Fuji,” has said, “The problem in Japan is that there are more sites where people are exchanging suicide methods, looking for partners, than there are sites devoted to prevention.

There actually is a study called “Aokigahara-jukai: Suicide and Amnesia in Mt. Fuji's Black Forest,” by Yoshitomo Takahashi, a professor of behavioral science at the National Defense Medical College Research Institute.
Start in Cairo and the pyramids, then Karnak at Luxor, Valley of the Kings and finally Abu Simbel, all by river-boat and all for $500 per person.
My husband and I are Egyptology buffs and would love to cruise the Nile, but with the changes in Egypt and Dr. Zahi Hawass not being in charge, it may be a long time to come. I have toyed with a sequel to Good Cop, Dead Cop including Munroe’s trip to be called Death in Denial.
The taxi arrived fifteen minutes later, the driver re-locking the door behind him, and took Munroe to the Cherry Creek Mall. 
Denver’s Cherry Creek Mall is but ten blocks from my house and remains successful while all the other malls in the metro area are being bull dozed and replaced with outdoor shopping experiences. I once had the idea that it would be possible to teleport to anywhere in the country by walking into a mall in Fresno and emerging from a mall in Poughkeepsie. All malls looked alike and all you had to do was convince yourself the Orange Julius you were standing before was in another city.
He had discovered Project Gutenberg and right now was devouring Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Project Gutenberg is one of the great successes of the Internet and one of the shining examples of what technology is good for. Go to Project Gutenberg and download and read all the great public domain literature, including A Princess of Mars. I really think the discovery of the afterlife will fuel the ebook market as all the dead will try to catch up on the books they missed.
“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”
Still one of the great New Yorker cartoons.
I have a missing persons report filed by a Cheryl Miller on a disembodied woman, a dead Fort Carson woman, Staff Sgt. Tralawna Johnson.
Fort Carson is the giant army post south of Colorado Springs and the home of the 4th Infantry Division.

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